religion (plural: religions)

  1. A system of beliefs that involves the existence of at least one of: a human soul or spirit, a deity or higher being, or self after the death of one’s body.
    • He couldn’t abide by any religion that didn’t allow for wrongdoers to be punished after death.
  2. (uncommon): Any system of beliefs.
    Note: this usage is uncommon, see Usage note, below.
    • Science is a religion, because it relies on certain fundamentally unprovable ideas, such as the existence of logic.
  3. (uncommon): A system of belief predicated on the existence of one or more deities.
    Note: this usage is uncommon, see Usage note, below.
    • It’s not really a religion if there’s no god to pray to.
  4. A way of living that corresponds to such beliefs.
    • You can practice any religion you like, as long as it doesn’t require you to violate our laws.
  5. A number of customs and rituals associated with such beliefs.
    • When it comes to religion, she doesn’t believe, but she loves to attend the ceremonies.
  6. Anything that involves the association of people in a manner resembling a religious institution or cult.
    • At this point, Star Trek has really become a religion.
  7. Any system or institution which one engages with in order to foster a sense of meaning or relevence in relation to something greater than oneself.


8 letters in word "religion": E G I I L N O R.

No anagrams for religion found in this word list.

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